Not Your Typical Breedable Pet...

These pets are built with the idea that having fun doesn't have to cost a virtual arm and leg!


There are various traits to discover when breeding your Crystal Ponies.

Unique Designs

Each design is hand-made for the Crystal Pony pet system. 

Genetics System

We use a genetics simulator to handle genetics and make the breeding system more fun.


You'll be able to easily see your ponies, their traits, and their parents on the website.


Soon you'll have several games that you can play with your pets. These games will unlock collectibles or other fun items to find and earn.

A magic cat made of space outdoors in front of a crystal formation. There are auroras in the sky.

Hi, I'm the developer for this project. I started working on these back in 2015 because I wanted to have fun making virtual pets that came to life in Second Life. I've been learning a lot from this, and hope to create something fun that people can enjoy in SL and beyond.

Galaxy Littlepaws